Hashtek23 started out as soundsystem in 2014 at the Fuckparade 2k14 in Berlin, but we are mainly based within the triangle Breda - Rotterdam - Den Haag.

The system was founded by Owen (OdS #23), Freek (Noonie), Robert (Spootnik), Olav and Geert. Soon joined by close friends (Niek & Sander). From the former Oercircus soundsystem crew also some people joined (Timon / Daan), as well as Stefan (from Kierewiet Soundsystem) and Iris (former PDK soundsystem), who all became core member of the soundsystem.

In 2019, OdS founded Hashtek23 Records, mainly with the idea to release 1 or perhaps 2 records, just for fun. As the label performed so much better than expected, it has grown to a steady record label being heard all over Europe.

Despite some personal changes in the crew, the core is mainly still intact and extended with Dj's/Producers like Danny (Decay and part of Sinister Accoustics) and Mark (eMeL), known from Dosis Decibel / Koncept Kore.

In 2024 there's a lot to celebrate: 10 Years Hashtek23 soundsystem and 5 Years Hashtek23 records and hopefully many years to come!

Thanks go out to all the supporters of the Tekno community.

You can find more information about us as: www.hashtek23.nl

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